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 Hunter [WiP]

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PostSubject: Hunter [WiP]   Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:53 pm

About the Hunter
Hunters can easily be described with a few words. Stealthy, agile, or ranged. They tend to take up the bow or crossbow but otherwise utilize ranged weaponry and daggers. Hunters are excellent killers and trackers and often attempt to take out their opponent before they have the chance to be hit due to their lack of health boosts. The hunter, at mid or long range, is certainly a class to be feared. They can utilize a number of abilities including the use of poisons, lightning, and magic arrows. Using anatomy they can certainly be lethal in combat as they know the vital points to hit. Hunters use Archery Magic which allows them to perform a number of abilities.

The sub-classes of the hunter are as follows: Scout, Ranger, Gunner, and Shadow Walker. Each sub-class comes with it's own stat boosts, prescribed abilities, weaponry limits and allowances, among other things.

The scout wields a number of weapons in their arsenal. This includes a bow along with various traps that allow them to fight from afar while setting numerous traps to kill, injure, or trap their opponent. Scouts are particularly well-versed in archery magic that permits the use of magic arrows. These magic arrows can be charged with elemental affinities, poison, or simply mana to increase their piercing ability. Scouts are low in strength and health but easily make up for it in speed and wisdom. As the name implies, they are often sent to scout out an area and take out opponents using traps and arrows.

Stat Boosts:
Strength: +0
Health: +0
Speed: +25
Stamina: +15
Wisdom: +10
Will Power: +0

[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Magic Arrow
[b][u]Rank:[/u][/b] D
[b][u]Type:[/u][/b] Action
[b][u]Costs:[/u][/b] 6 Mana / 1 Stamina
[b][u]Element:[/u][/b] N/A
[b][u]Requirements:[/u][/b] Magic Arrow requires a bow and one free hand to utilize. They must have the free hand to pull back the string of the bow, releasing the magic arrow when they release the string.
[b][u]Description:[/u][/b] The user will take the string of the bow in their hand and pull back, concentrating mana energy through their finger tips to produce an arrow composed purely of mana. Once created, they will release the string and propel the arrow forward at a high velocity. The magic arrow produced is extremely sharp and capable of moving at much higher speeds than a typical arrow.

[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] Mana Trap
[b][u]Rank:[/u][/b] B
[b][u]Type:[/u][/b] Command
[b][u]Costs:[/u][/b] 16 mana
[b][u]Element:[/u][/b] N/A
[b][u]Requirements:[/u][/b] N/A
[b][u]Description:[/u][/b] Mana Trap is a technique known to all Scouts that allows them to channel mana into the palm of their hand prior to planting it within the ground. Once their target comes within the vacinity of the trap, approximately three meters, the user can detonate the trap with a clap of their hands or a snap of their fingers. This will instantly set off a mana explosion capable of doing heavy damage to, or in some cases killing, their target.

The ranger wields, as you can guess, a bow or crossbow as well as multiple ranged projectile weaponry. They are excellent ranged fighters but tend to lack close-range capability. They are able to utilize either magic arrows or actual arrows and can be a lethal opponent if they see you before you see them. Ranger's can imbue arrows with magic for a variety of purposes, similar to the scout. The difference between the ranger and scout is their emphasis on the use of magic and range rather than traps and speed. Although they primarily wield bows or crossbows, that's not to say that are incompetent and useless in close-range combat. They are able to utilize throwing daggers in close proximities.
Stat Boosts:
Strength: +0
Health: +5
Speed: +0
Stamina: +15
Wisdom: +30
Will Power: +0

The gunner is a very special class that trades in the traditional bow and arrow for handheld guns. These 'pistols' are mild forms of modern day guns that fire small compact pieces of metal at the speed of an arrow, though with a higher firing rate. Although the firing rate is higher, the accuracy is the same if not lower than that of the crossbow. Gunners are mid-range fighters and can be absolutely deadly in close-range combat. Their guns are almost useless at longer ranges but are otherwise a very powerful weapon to face off against. Coupled with their sheer speed, gunners are a force not to be trifled with.
Stat Boosts:
Strength: +0
Health: +15
Speed: +30
Stamina: +0
Wisdom: +5
Will Power: +0

Shadow Walker
Shadow Walkers are deadly assassins capable of swiftly and decisively taking out their target. They are also the only hunter sub-class that does not wield a bow or gun. Instead, they trade both in for a more close-range style of fighting. They typically dual-wield daggers, one in each hand, and attempt to get in close to their opponent to kill them before a battle can even commence. Shadow Walkers are the closest thing to an assassin in the hunters and will utilize a multitude of abilities that only they possess to get in close to their opponent without being noticed. They can be a scary opponent to face if one does not have a method of tracking their target.
Stat Boosts:
Strength: +0
Health: +0
Speed: +35
Stamina: +5
Wisdom: +0
Will Power: +10
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Hunter [WiP]
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