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 Technique System

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PostSubject: Technique System   Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:12 am

Ranking System
If you've ever roleplayed on a Naruto RPG then this system will probably be familiar to you and you might not need to even read through it. Basically, it just takes some common sense and a little thought to rank your own techniques. Don't worry, if your ranking is a bit off the staff will let you know. First and foremost, E is the lowest rank. The weakest and most basic of techniques are E in rank. E-rank techniques do not utilize mana at all but can use up stamina. E-rank techniques are typically combo-moves and the such, very basic. D-rank movies are a little more powerful. They can utilize mana but tend to not use up much. They can vary from enhanced punches, kicks, speed, or simple elemental attacks. Mana techniques of D-rank quality are the weakest but still quite useful. Next in line are C-rank moves. They are relatively average and use standard mana or stamina. They deal a bit more damage and tend to have more size and range when used as an elemental attack. B-rank moves are pretty powerful and can take the form of large elemental attacks or explosive strikes. A-rank moves are nearly always lethal and can be devastating in nature. S-rank moves are the most powerful and extremely detrimental to the user as well as their target. Not only are they taxing on the user's mana or stamina but they also can, at times, deal damage to the user as well. Most only carry a few S-ranks in their arsenal and rarely use them but when used, they can devastate large areas and towns within seconds.

Type System
So I'm sure you're wondering what different types of techniques there are out there... Well, this is where you'll find out. There are three different types of techniques. Command, action, and passive. We'll start with command techniques. Command techniques are techniques that are activated by some form of "command". Whether it be verbal, a gesture, or otherwise. For example, clapping one's hands together would constitute a gesture-activation and would make the technique a "command" technique. Next there are action techniques. Action techniques are activated automatically at will, though are limited to melee, hand-to-hand, etc. techniques. That means that one can not simply look at someone and cause them to burst in the flames. However, they may slash their sword and produce fire without requiring any prior preparations. A passive technique is different from the other, drastically different. Passive techniques are constantly active and require nothing to be activated. Passive techniques are limited to C-rank at best and also require a weakness to balance them out, as they do not cost mana nor stamina.

Mana/Stamina Costs
Mana and Stamina costs are how much mana or stamina that it takes in order to perform the technique. This is almost solely dependant on the strength, concentration, and rank of the technique. That said, an E-rank move will typically not have a high stamina cost while an S-rank move will not have a low mana cost. I bet you're wondering what the difference between stamina and mana is though... Stamina is essentially the physical energy one possesses. The more physically straining the technique is, the more stamina it will consume. On the other hand, mana is purely spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is used in the conjuration of elements, spiritually enhanced physical attributes, and so on. An easy way to remember the difference is that stamina is more realistic, as in things you could do in real life. Mana is fantastic. It will deplete when performing things that would never be possible in real life. And yes, some techniques may require both stamina and mana.
Mana/Stamina Costs:
E-rank: 1-5
D-rank: 6-10
C-rank: 11-15
B-rank: 16-20
A-rank: 20-49
S-rank: 50+

Elemental Advantages
As in any case, there are always elemental advantages and disadvantages to consider. In this part of the system we will address which element has an advantage against what as well as what that means exactly. Fire beats wind, wind beats lightning, lightning beats earth, earth beats water, and water beats fire. It is a cycle. Any other elemental clashes are neutral, save for those that are outside of the basic elements such as ice. Naturally, fire has an advantage over ice and ice has an advantage over water. Things such as that. Other elements will take some common sense and, if necessary, staff intervention. Now, what does that mean? Well, it means that if both techniques of equal rank clash then the technique with the advantage wins. In the case of no elemental advantage, they will simply nullify each other unless there are circumstances that make one technique unnullifiable by the other technique. Now, what if they are different in rank? There's a one-rank rule here. For example, a B-rank water technique is equal to an A-rank fire technique. That means that a B-rank water technique can extinguish an A-rank fire technique while a C-rank water technique can not. Mana cost can sometimes play a role in determining which technique is stronger in some cases.

If you have any questions regarding techniques, please refer to Nayomi.
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Technique System
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