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 Stat System [WiP]

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PostSubject: Stat System [WiP]   Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:31 am

About the Stat System
The stat system is the primary determinant of your character's abilities in combat as well as technique capabilities. There are many different areas in which you may spend your stat points and it is important to keep your character in mind when doing so. Try not to make a "balanced" character with equal points distribution, for example. This would make your character slightly below average in every aspect. This means that when faced with an opponent who, for example, focused their points on strength and speed, your character will find themselves outmatched. Try to have a certain stat that you would like to center around. A stat that makes your character who he or she is. That said, let's move on to how many stat points you're allowed to start with.

Many different things will factor into how many stat points you're allowed to start with. The primary determinant is your application. The lowest possible stat points you're allowed to start with are 100, excluding the race and class starter boosts. You may be allowed up to a maximum of 300, in which case your application must be found to be perfect by staff. How does this work exactly? Well, there are two parts to the application. The first part is to be filled out at the beginning for the staff to check. Once the member of staff has checked it over, they will give you a number from 100-300. That number is how many stat points you're allowed to distribute. Once you've been given a number you may fill out the second part of your application for the final approval.

Health is pretty self-explanatory but I will go into detail regardless. The more stat points you invest in health, the higher your maximum health is. Health is how much damage you can take before your character becomes incapacitated or dies. Naturally, health is disregarded completely in cases of devastating damage. Devastating damage constitutes completely separation of the head from the body or slicing the body in half entirely. However, a user with high health can take multiple arrows to the arms, non-vital areas of their body, legs, etc. without dying or collapsing. Below I will go into detail about how much damage the most basic of attacks can deal. If your attack does not fall under any of the below categories, simply state in your post how much damage a successful hit will deal.
Arrow/Stab to Limb - 10 HP.
Arrow/Stab to non-vital Area of Body - 15 HP.
Arrow/Stab to Vital Area of Body - 55 HP.
Arrow/Stab to Head - 95 HP.
Severed Limb - 75 HP.
- If there's something you think should be added, feel free to PM Nayomi. -
Along with these damages, there are also certain 'Endurances' that you obtain by leveling your Health each 10 levels. Below are the 'Endurances' that you can achieve.
Level 10 - Able to take 70 damage before becoming incapacitated.
Level 20 - Able to take 80 damage before becoming incapacitated.
Level 30 - Able to take 90 damage before becoming incapacitated.
Level 40 - Able to take 100 damage before becoming incapacitated.
Level 50 - Able to take 120 damage before becoming incapacitated. [Currently the highest level of Health possible.]
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the purpose of the health stat in the first place! Higher health points! Each stat point invested in Health will give you one point higher over all health.

Strength is the physical strength that your character possesses. This stat is used to determine the power of your physical and melee attacks along with endurance, once leveled to a certain point.
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Stat System [WiP]
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