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PostSubject: Elves   Sun Mar 17, 2013 6:37 pm

Description: Elves are the second most populous species in the land of Sosaria. Their culture and heritage are very rich with magic and elemental manipulation and their wisdom is often sought out by many. Despite this, they remain an oppressed race of wanderers who are often found at carnivals, working on the sides of streets, and rarely on television. A few Elvish families are actually rich and financially set though the vast majority are sold out to illegal activities such as prostitution. The few elves who have money dress exquisitely to try and fit in with the humans but remain treated as second-class citizens in most countries. Elves are the only race, other than humans, to actually hold control over a country in Sosaria however. With the help of the Angels they have maintained tight control over Ingenium, the Land of Nature. Elves lack physical strength but easily make up for it with their wisdom and other attributes. Typically, they are magic-users and will not engage in physical combat. Though there are exceptions to this rule as they are able to undertake most classes, similar to humans.

Starting Stats:
Strength: 5
Health: 10
Speed: 5
Stamina: 10
Wisdom: 15
Will Power: 15

Available Classes: - To Be Added -
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