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 The Beginning - Storyline

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PostSubject: The Beginning - Storyline   Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:31 am

The land of Sosaria, also known as Reikai, is a small piece of land in which the RPG is centered around. Within Sosaria is a large number of countries and places that differ greatly from each other. Each country in the land of Sosaria has something that makes it special or significant. War and strife has always plagued the lands of Sosaria. Humans fighting other humans for dominance over each other as well as the rebellions of the other races have caused outbreaks of violence to become a common every-day expectation. It seemed as though things would go on this way forever. That is, until a new race became known. They were called "Evos" and lacked the intelligence of the other races, but were extremely destructive and possessed power that rivaled anything the world had ever seen. They were composed of pure mana and were capable of slaughtered entire armies in a matter of seconds.

Standing at a towering 60 feet tall, they were able to wreak havoc and destruction with ease. As the evos began to appear and attack, the countries of Sosaria united in an attempt to counter their power somehow. The greatest minds in technology and magic were gathered in an attempt to find a solution to the evo problem. What resulted was the Teras Project. The Teras project, though having a low success rate, led the way for a special sub-class of magicians called the deus. A deus is a magician who has sealed, or has had sealed, an evo into their body. The sealed evo gave the magician a significant, and permanent, boost in mana that gave them limitless possibilities. However, it came at a grave cost. They would gradually lose their sanity, resulting slowly to a blood-thirsty beast over a six month period. At the end of the six month period would be death. Despite this, a number of magicians still volunteered to participate in the project. While more than half died in the process of sealing the evo, twelve were left with an evo sealed inside of them.

With their newly acquired mana, the deus were able to fight off the evo and drive them into a single area called "Desert Ex". Desert Ex has become a wasteland of evos fighting each other for survival, fearful of the deus that await them outside. Prepared to return as soon as the deus have died at the end of their six months. While the evos were away a new issue occurred. Deus dominance. As each deus became more blood-thirsty and malicious, they longed for control and many rallied behind them, some worshiping them as messiahs. This uprising was called the "Deus Rebellion" and led to a deus dominion over most of Sosaria. Naturally they did not get along and war and strife ensued for control over one another's territory. One month has passed since the creation of the deus and the war rages on for control of Sosaria, few countries resisting deus control.
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The Beginning - Storyline
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